Caucasian Courtesan

Caucasian Courtesan


Lauren is your Caucasian Courtesan. Born and raised in Dorset Lauren is passionate and has a classy timeless sensual style . Lauren is truly irresistible with her olive toned skin and beautiful face, long brunette glossy hair and legs that just don’t stop! One can be forgiven for love at first sight. One could also be forgiven for further falling for her warm, friendly nature. Your Caucasian Courtesan Lauren enjoys Yoga and running she has all the curves in all the right places. For a night on the town Lauren always looks elegantly breathtaking. Your Caucasian Courtesan could easily pass for a model, Lauren enjoys most cuisines and the occasional glass of Crystal. Her favourite designers are Gucci Louis Vuitton, please see the gifts page if you feel like indulging Lauren.

For all bookings please email and we look forward to giving you sexy happy memories.

Caucasian Courtesan

Caucasian Courtesan Lauren is renowned for her beauty and poise, her elegance and grace, published lingerie and glamour model your Caucasian Courtesan in London will live up to every bit of your fantasy.

Caucasian Courtesan Lauren’s main hobbies revolve around sports activities and she can often be found running or joining around her hometown of Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset.

If you would like to spend some quality time with your Caucasian Courtesan then please complete the online booking form Advanced bookings are always advised and if you are looking for a travel companion then please view the travel page.  We ask that you read the entire site before putting in your booking request.


caucasian courtesan


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