Desire London Escort

Desire London Escort


What can be more pleasurable than giving in to ones desires. Adhering to our thirst for erotic passions, unruly wants and our real taboos. I have the desire for you to fuck me but never call me again, am I allowed to say that? I have the desire to marry you even though we have never gone on a date, am I allowed to say that? I have the desire for you to rip off my clothes and make passionate love to me while you whisper ” I love you” in my ear. Am I allowed to desire these things, and if I desire them, do I actually really want them? Yes desire, desire, desire, oh what a funny emotion you are.

Theoretically Desires can be defined as

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
“he resisted public desires for choice in latex”

desire; 3rd person present: desires; past tense: desired; past participle: desired; gerund or present participle: desiring

strongly wish for or want (something).
“he never achieved the status he so desired”
synonyms: wish for, want, long for, yearn for, crave, set one’s heart on, hanker after/for, pine for/after, thirst for, itch for, be desperate for, be bent on, have a need for, covet, aspire to;

How many words are there to desire you?

Ambition, appetite, aspiration, craving, devotion, eagerness, fascination, greed, hunger, inclination, love, lust, motive, need, passion, thirst, will, wish, yearning, admiration, ardor, attraction, avidity, concupiscence, covetousness.

I have a very strong feeling that I want you, I want us to happen. That is my desire, my wish. Can we be together and spend time together. Have fun, flirt and make love to each other. Do you desire me the same or is it all just business. Can I not want you and your gratitude but not complicate things with extra emotion and messiness.

Let me take you by the hand so you can join me in our mutual desires, don’t worry about commitment, don’t focus on paying me large sums of money at the beginning of our date, that is simply a mutual business exchange, but thats where business ends. My desires, wants, needs are here their real and they just need someone to unravel them, what erotic, silky piece of string at a time.


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