I am drawn to polite well mannered Gentlemen so if we start there than thats a good base for us.. I am a lady and like to be treated as one, I don’t tolerate heavy handling or rude behaviour and if you are naturally this way we should not meet and I wish you well. I will only entertain those of good natured intentions as I treat people as I like to be treated and expect the same values in return.

Politeness is of Upmost Importance

A well mannered gentleman will always have me won over from the start, gentle communication promotes harmony and sets the mood for an exciting time and indulgence of each other!

Thoughtfulness is Unsurpassed

Kind gestures go a long way with me, never expected of course but always appreciated, a thoughtful touch can hit the heart and other areas and lubricate the situation in ways that only the affluent gentleman really knows.

Good Hygiene 

I know I don’t have to point out the importance of being bathed to my clients but it goes further than that will me, I do expect a very looked after polished gentleman, overall good presentation and preened delightfully, as I offer the same in return.